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When are tryouts?

Tryout dates vary each year and are set by Saskatchewan Volleyball Association on when they can be held.

Does everyone who attend tryouts get placed on a team?

We strive to make sure that everyone who wants to play can.  We have certain limitations as there are a finite amount of coaches and gym time.  As the athletes get older, it becomes more difficult, but we do our best.  We try to get all of the younger athletes, 11 to 14 playing, if not on a tournament team, then in a developmental group, which consists of skill development and game play.

When is the Club Season?

Club season typically runs from November to April. It consists of a variety of practices and tournaments, including Sask Cups and Provincials which runs from January to the end of April. For a complete list of SVA Sask Cup Tournament Dates and Provincials, please visit saskvolleyball.ca Teams that decide to attend Nationals will be playing into May. 

How often and when do you practice?

Teams are allocated 2 practices per week. Team may wish to book additional practice time as required. Practices are held in Warman and Martensville.

How much does it cost to play Club Volleyball?

Individual athlete costs vary from $800 to $1500, this will not include team fees. Each team can fundraise to cover the costs of team fees. 

Why is club volleyball so expensive?

The bulk of the costs for club volleyball are gym rentals, tournament entries, equipment upkeep, uniforms and coaching honorariums.  We are a non-profit club and we strive to keep costs down as low as possible.  If you are in a financial situation where you cannot afford club volleyball, we work closely with the Warman KidSport Chapter to include as many kids as possible.  

What do I need for equipment?

All you really need are a good pair of court shoes.  Most of the athletes like to wear knee pads as well. 

How old does my child need to be to play club volleyball?

The youngest age division we run is 13U for girls, 14U for boys.  Your age group is determined by your child's birthdate in the upcoming volleyball season, not at the time of tryouts.  The volleyball season is in the next calendar year following tryouts.  Typically we see athletes trying out for the first time when they are a year younger than the first age group, boys and girls turning 12 in the following year (currently 11).  We run many developmental programs for the younger athletes in coordination with the cities of Martensville and Warman.

Can my child "play up" an age division?

Each request for an athlete to play up will be dependent on their placement at evaluations, on a case by case basis. CVVC does not encourage players to play in higher age groups.  In special cases, the club may choose to offer a roster spot to an underage athlete (ex: a 16u athlete is offered a roster spot on the 17u team). The club will initiate this process with the athlete at tryouts, after discussion between head coaches of the involved age classes.

Are your coaches accredited?

Each of our head coaches are at least certified Level 1 or are working on their certification.  Each coach is required to submit a police record check and meet certain requirements laid out by the SVA.

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